Tweet little Birdy hats!

Recently my birdy hats and fascinators have been proving popular. I've been asked several times to come up with quite ornate commissions for daring brides, which suits me just fine as it's totally up my street!! You know me, "more is More" will always be my motto!! Pile on as many flowers and feathers into as small a space as possible! So I am just going to show off a few of the most recent designs, which incorporate not only the prettiest feather birdies, but also one with a little sparrow skull! No worries, it's an exquisite replica skull, hand made in the UK, not the real thing, but you can't tell!!
This one has the pretty replica sparrow skull!
The blue bird is my most popular!
This one has a tiny bamboo birdcage containing a ceramic bird on a swing.
I've used a very ornate emerald bird and peacock feathers to pick out the colours for this bridal commission.


liz said…
I like your more is more motto:) Love the hats.

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