"Winter Hat Collection"

I'm really enjoying working on new designs at present. My new 14cm sinamay fascinator bases have arrived, along with a shipment of vintage millinery flowers and vintage brooches. The hats are larger than my usual 10cm bases and need a tad more effort when decorating. Some of my new hats have been sold to a lovely local shop, here in the Cotswold's, where I am lucky enough to live. The remaining four hats are listed either in my Folksy or Etsy shops. The buyers will receive a one of a kind statement piece, as I won't be making any two the same. That would be no fun!!! You may be able to guess, these are inspired by the turning of the seasons as we head into Autumn, fall!!


sew vala said…
love your new designs
talulahblue said…
Thank you so much for commenting!!!

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