"As the leaves turn to red and gold"

Autumn is officially here! I have to admit, it's one of my favorite times of year. I haven't had much free time though to spend in my garden lately, what with the accessories and now, my folksy and etsy Art shops, which I'm very proud of!
Still, I have a couple of leafy photos of my potted grape vine, changing colour and my lace cap hydrangea, in full flower amongst the falling leaves.
Ooh and what is this? My pretty Autumn leaves corsage getting in on the act, for sale in my folksy shop.
Many thanks for reading, catch you all later ♥


catface said…
Your corsage is absolutely beautiful, what a lovely way to brighten up a warm outfit!
talulahblue said…
Many thanks for your comment, I did sell the corsage too!

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