" Talulah's Snow Garden "

Regular readers will know how much I adore my garden and think of it as stepping into a sanctuary, with it's serenity and elegance. This bout of icy weather has caused havoc on the roads, but at the back of my house, the "Snow garden" remains Serene and oblivious to all the problems of every day life and just carries on through this season in the most natural and beautiful way. Drive carefully and don't forget to put out bird food, dear friends xx


theothermousie said…
You've captured the snowy scenes perfectly - quite a wonderland my dear - thank you for sharing them xxx
NoodleBubble said…
It's magical isn't it?
Warm hugs!
Silky Prudence said…
How gorgeous. Looks like Buddha could do with a blanket though ;)
The Fancy Lady said…
wow everything looks so pretty
this month on my blog is going to be fascinator month and your shop came to mind i was wondering if you would like to do a review and feature on my blog ill do an interview and showcase your shop and item you choose to send. I'll cover shipping costs since its international and you will also get free as space on my blog for a month if your interested email me at thefancyladycupcakes@yahoo.com
talulahblue said…
thank you all for your "warm" comments, much needed during a freezedown in the uk!!
niftyknits said…
It's all so beautiful right now, isn't it?

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