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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

1st Christmas.

Here we are just four short days away from Christmas day. A feeling of relief is washing over me, as I realise Mr.T and I have succeeded in our laborious house and job move and can hopefully relax this holiday with family and friends, not forgetting Lulu the kitty cat, in front of our log burner. The last 18 months has certainly had it's moments for both of us. I am still trying to stop myself from chewing the inside of my mouth in anxiety. At least I don't have panic attacks any more, they went away of their own accord. I have always been used to living in a strange mental state inside my head, even though I'm always trying to look and behave "normal", whatever that means. I guess it's just part of my creative mind, so at least I get some crazy cute hats made and there's always room for more!! Thank you to each one of you who reads my rambling and wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year!! BTW, some people have had trouble leaving comments, so please leave a message in my etsy shop if this is the case, mwahhh, Hugs!!!