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Decorative washable cotton face masks.

What’s a girl to do during lockdown? Enjoying the fabulous spring weather and basking in the hot sun is my favourite answer. This unusual April Mediterranean feel is bringing out so many bees and wildlife, I’m hoping to see a lizard! Unfortunately I think our cat Lulu has been bitten by a snake, although she seems to be recovering. Today I will rake through her favourite garden area, which is still full of winter leaves and see if I can find the culprit and move him to a safer area. With very few orders in the etsy shop, I am at a loose end, feeling like I should be working on something, so I decided to use up any pieces of pretty cotton to make face masks. The masks are strangely moorish to make and I’ve set up a small production line with my one employee, “me”! With nothing to lose, into the shop they went, with no expectations, but they are a surprising hit! I’m still hunting through my stash for more suitable fabrics, luckily I already have soft elastic and the masks are so easy to

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