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Monday, 24 September 2012

Organza neck ruffles.

The lead through Halloween up to Christmas is always a busy time for my shops, with last minute buyers searching for the perfect party attire! I'm trying not to get caught out this year and am making a good stock of the ever popular organza cirque neck ruffles! It's very satisfying to see them in a little pile, all ready for posting. Last year one buyer asked for 10 of the ivory, for a circus troupe, so I will have to keep my one woman production team {that's moi!!} in check!! Ivory and black are the stock colours, although I can make any colour to order and have lovely silver grey and dusky pink organza fabrics in stock! Next, it's time to start making a pile of rabbit ears headbands. Hopefully I haven't saturated the World market quite yet, haha!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fruits of my labour!

As a novice grower of tomatoes, I have no idea when you are meant to pick the fruits. Some of them appear to have "blight" on them, no doubt due to under watering earlier in summer! I decided to go ahead today and harvest the good ones in my massive crop, it took about one minute, so nice and quick!! Here's a photo of the green tomatoes, lets hope they ripen soon!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Black ravens.

This morning there is a heavy mist hanging over the stream and school gardens, which is the view from my window. A sure sign of Autumn approaching! I have been busy on my sewing machine and hand stitching, making capes and hair whimsies for the witching season, as Halloween nears. The satin and lace cape was constructed on the stand. Here's a taster of what I've finished so far, it's exciting to see how they turned out! These are all in my Etsy shop, many thanks for reading.
Black raven, satin & lace capelet.

Rooster feather capelet.

Moth wing hair whimsy with porcelain doll arm.

Friday, 7 September 2012

My garden in progress!

I am the most impatient gardener, I want my new outdoor room all finished with arbours, pergolas rose arches and of course planting! We have made a start, but persuading Mr. T to allow me to make all the changes I desire, inspired by my vision, is another thing altogether! When faced with my {rather ambitious sometimes!} ideas, I can see that look in his eyes, which says "Oh no, now what is she up to?!"
I just have to sneak all my plans in little by little. At least I managed to get one flower bed arranged, as it didn't require anything but planting. Perenial beds are fast to establish and always look better in their second year. Here's my geranium boarder, I've added natsturtiums to plump out the planting!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Avening vegetable patches.

I'm up and about very early as usual and can already tell it's going to be a wonderful sunny early autumn day. The cockerel is crowing as he does every morning!
Autumn already!! How did that happen so fast? Anyhow, on my walk abouts with my camera, I have noticed many residents like to grow vegetables in their gardens. I'm not organised enough yet to get that far with my own gardening, but hats off to people who give it a go, especially with all the rain we had earlier this summer! {Don't mention the slugs!!} My favourite type of garden is a "Potager", where you grow vegetables and flowers together in an ornamental way, which also helps to keep bugs away. Here's a few shots from around the village, as we come up to harvest time!
A resting spade beside the greenhouse offers the promise of rewards to come!
Sunny yellow flowers mix in with the veg!
Another resting spade, proof of the hard work in progress!

There's something about pristine rows of bamboo canes!

My favourite, a jumble of flowers with climbing beans in the background.
This gardener uses skulls and paraphernalia as a bird deterrent.
Cabbages growing, with a view of the greenhouse on the lower level.

My own attempt, just a few tomatoes!!