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Monday, 24 January 2011

Talulah's new costumes

Since Talulah Blue launched her performing career, things have been getting very busy in the sewing room! The more new dances she creates, the more costumes need putting together. These are photos from a recent publicity shoot and of course show off the beautiful shabby chic attire. The Lacy wrap around Talulah's shoulders is in fact a bustle, which I constructed on the stand, then machine stitched. It is very layered and intricate. You can't catch all the details in these pictures. I have decided to list the bustle in my folksy shop as a custom order, taking around three weeks to complete. http://www.talulahblue.folksy.com/ The feather burlesque fans can also be ordered from http://www.talulahblue.com/ Many thanks for reading, please enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

"White dove"

Hi everyone. Well, we are in the depths of winter and need cheering up a bit as Christmas is over, so now we must look forward to spring. I know it's a way off as yet, but time does seem to fly if last year is anything to go by. Don't forget to fill up your bird feeders, as the Little blue tits, Robbins and finches have a tough time at this time of year.
Talking of birds, my latest creation is a pretty sequin and feather confection called "White dove". It's a sweet cocktail hat, for wearing at a wedding, races or a vintage burlesque knees up!! Many thanks for viewing dear readers, Sue x

Friday, 7 January 2011

Fabulous new hats comming soon!

Hi everyone.
Over the Christmas holidays, I had time to make a start on my spring cocktail hat collection, what fun!! As usual, I surrounded myself with fabric, feathers and frivolity, to give me the inspiration I needed! The first of my hatties is a dusky pink OTT beauty, with vintage lace, diamantes`, beading and well, the works really. This pretty confection is listed in my folksy shop, many more will follow soon. Thanks for viewing, catch y'all later, Sue xx